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Montessori On Elm


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Toddler Program

Discover the amazing and highly rated Toddler Program at Montessori On Elm. We have a dedicated staff to help in the most important of learning in a toddler’s stage.


At Montessori On Elm, we have a superb preschool program that will benefit your child in growing and expanding their minds. We have an outstanding curriculum that will be able to cater to your child’s needs.

Elementary Program

Our Elementary Program has been rated as one of the top program’s in the area. We make sure that what we are teaching your child according the values of the Montessori Method.

Welcome To Montessori On Elm

Montessori On Elm School is a labor of love conceived from the idea to offer a better choice in childcare. It is an education-rich, safe, affordable choice for your child’s formative years. Our desire is to provide a service to the community and share our teaching and education skills, as well as giving your child a strong foundation. We will continue to provide this service to the community as long as there is a need for it. This is a home away from home for your child and a loving, clean, safe environment for them to learn, play and grow.

The purpose Montessori On Elm is to nurture and preserve each child’s natural curiosity for learning. We provide an environment that allows the child to explore and learn at his/her own pace. We encourage children to develop academic, physical, social and life skills in an environment of mutual respect. Our belief is that children learn through active exploration and play and that self- esteem is built on mutual respect between us all, adults and children. Our commitment is to serve a community of families and children from diverse backgrounds.  

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Why Choose Montessori on Elm?

Montessori on Elm is committed to providing the highest quality learning environment for children.

We have implemented a “prepared environment” here at Montessori on Elm for all the children to have an opportunity to be successful and exceed their fullest potential.

Our objective is simple…provide an atmosphere of learning that is LOVING and SAFE.

We Create Successful Adults, One Child at a Time by Helping them To:
– Learn how to regulate their behavior
– Control their impulses
– Learn to plan and strategize
– Effectively problem solve
– Learn to be flexible and self correct when necessary
– Learn to take initiative
– Develop responsibility
– Engage in depth-based thinking requiring long periods of concentration
– Work collaboratively with peers on projects

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Our curriculum is specifically designed to help grow, develop, and mature your child's ability to learn. From music, dance, and sports, we make sure that after school, your child will expand their horizons and learn about all the different extracurriculars we have available.  Our normal hours Monday through Friday are from 7:00am - 6:00pm. We are also closed on Saturday and Sunday.  For more information on Montessori On Elm, please feel free to call or email us for an inquiry and to schedule a tour with us. We always look forward to hearing from you!

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